Building a foundation to last a lifetime


We all desire to be on the path of growing into healthy people, of maturing and living as adults instead of reacting to life and relationships like grown up kids. The makeup of that foundation is critical to this process. We believe that counseling can provide the safety necessary to first examine what your foundation consists of now which is showing up in your current struggles and circumstances.

Substantial change will not occur unless the very foundation is exposed and rebuilt. This includes all aspects of life–mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual.


FCF Family

That’s what happened thirty years ago for us (Roger and Carol Shepherd)! Our foundations were shaken and dismantled and the rebuilding process began. We just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary December 27, 2018! We started Florida Counseling Foundation 29 years ago! It is our belief that real transformation can only happen in environments of grace and relationships of trust—that’s how our transformation has happened and continues to happen. Our hope and prayer is that you will experience the same on your journey!

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